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After a couple of decades I’m still delighted that at the heart of what I do, every day, is create warm, clear, playful stories.

I invite people in. I draw attention. I do my best to be true.

And I back stories up with images, sets, moving pictures, and playful ideas—all propelled by story.  Want a simple example: Here’s one.

Here’s One: Full Text


In the beginning everyone sees the world as limitless possibilities- a place to explore, a feeling to experience, a challenge to create.

A few people stay that way.   Here is one.



A designer is a problem solver. He creates solutions, and if he is really good the final product is in its more simple and pure form.

“I usually begin a project by defining the clients’ goals. Only after I really understand what they are trying to do can I begin to approach a solution.

“And, I just don’t look forward. I look back to see what they have previously down, and how their firm is perceived by the public. I know how hard it is to build public recognition. So, the last thing I want to do is waste money they have already spent by going in some different direction.

“I think one sign of a successful project is if ti complements previous work they have completed. If you laid past work with present you could see a natural progression – one message.”



The road that carries an idea from its conception to the press is graphic production. It can be long with expensive detours, or direct because of the skillful execution and experienced demands. You choose.

“The client extends the greatest amount of trust in dollars – and usually doesn’t realize it – during production.

“The quality of a project and cost of printing are directly affected by the way graphic production is handled. There are usually numerous ways to get from point “A” to point “B”. Knowing which one to choose may mean spending an extra dollar in production and saving ten in printing.

“For example, how a press sheet is used, what size the press is, what paper it will be produced on, where the paper is bought, how it is delivered and how time is managed are the challenges that demand broad knowledge of the field and the city.

“We have both.”



A printer takes the vision of one and the creation of another and then consummates the relationship into the tangible. He puts the artist’s vision down in Black and White.

“The old saying “no job is finished until the paper work is done” is true, and it’s indispensable to have one person who follows a job from start to finish.

“Often when questions arise in the press room that demand answers that were discussed with the client in the very beginnings of a project. Frequently it is a judgement call that’s needed, other times a simple direction. Whenever and whatever is needed it is good to have the designer providing personalized direction.

“The highest excitement a designer can feel is seeing the success of the final product. To him it is like having a baby, paying off the car and getting an Academy Award all at the same time.

“The only thing that comes close to this excitement is seeing the client pleased: pleased with the product because we share a commitment to quality.”

A truly great idea comes from two good ideas put together in a new way. They may have been common knowledge for years or only realized a second ago. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that someone recognizes them. That someone explores them. That someone takes the challenge to create from what they have seen – even if it’s three o’clock in the morning.

Here is one.



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