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HERE YOU’LL FIND SNIPPETS OF DESIGN, project factoids, and some recognizable names from DC. You’ll also find some URLs and online experiences. You’ll will be able to explore up-and-coming projects too, and ideas I’m cranking out one pixel at a time, often with tech cohorts around the world. Teams rock.

# I started carrying a camera at five years-old. It was a gift from a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman. For some loopy reason, which still defies logic since my father was so tight with money, he actually put film in my new little camera. He handed it to me. Smiled. Then he completely forgot about his effort and I was off.

Months later, to my father’s surprise, I’d gone rogue. I’d snapped photos while my mother grocery shopped buying fish, cereal, and salad dressing. I snapped store patrons with high-heels, boots, and long coats. I snapped photos of the inside of our car and trash bins at a gas station. I’ve had a camera, of some sort, ever since. +